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As many already know, educational curriculum varies quite a lot from school to school, city to city and country to country. This makes it hard for the worlds populous to have fair access to the wealth of information available to the common student. This student may be a just starting out in their academic career or they may be an adult seeking further education to better their current employment situation. Regardless. A system should be implimented to help these people gain equal and fair knowledge to the vast wealth of learning available out there. Yes I understand that educational costs contribute to a countries well being, but still leave so many would-be be great thinkers out of the loop. Education has always been something that is available to the wealthy nations citizens. Sure some form of education is offered to all, but general knowledge is usually the extent of study. Even within my own country when discussing differences in curriculum with people on one coast compared to the other, the differences are very obvious and often quite surprising, especially with the migrational habits of the countries citizens and the way they often end up competing for the same employment opportunities. One can only imagine how that might look on a greater scale when comparing countries to each other. Even if the chance for equal learning was presented to everyone dispite current country of resident, current demographic or what not does not mean everyone would take advantage of the opportunity to learn. That is why such a chance made available would not be a bad thing at all.

One could argue that the internet has provided that chance to any and all people with access to it the ability to access the vast knowledge they seek at any time of the day, but that is hardly an accurate assumption as the internet may provide you with one fact and at the same time supply ten false ones comprised of ones personal opinion or what not. No, a global educational network has to be established to ensure fair and equal distribution of knowledge dispite personal opinion, racial prejudice, and monetary gain. Granted the hard part will be to determine what the average person should and should not know, but a censes should be taken from each country involved, assess their current educational programs and establish set guidelines to help with the educational program.

One could even argue that implimenting such a system may even help to break the on going stereotypes associated with certain people involved with academic studies. For example, one man may desire to focus his primary studies on mathematics, and another may want to focus on creative writing. These two learning types may not ever learn to understand or except one another for their differences in their search for higher learning, but if both parties involved were to be schooled on mathematics and creative writing, then they may have a better understanding of why one might chose one or the other more, even giving rise to a third type of learner that wishes to pursue both mathematics and creative writing.


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