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Most software projects fail or are abandoned before circulation costing government agencies and commercial business millions of dollars. Our tool concept is  to assist in code generation to prevent fatal bugs and to also ensure quality, useful code is produced. Standard metrics will be used to provide basic reports about the code but programmers will also be able to generate custom metric scrips in python to generate more specific reports. The reports will be used as a measure of overall quality of the source code and pin-point problem areas before code release. For agencies that inherit code, running the tool will aid programmers in understanding the source code and will save time in restructuring. 

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The tool will assist in quality code generation which will help with internet security. The cumbersome internet is an easy target for hackers within and outside of the country. There are metric tools available but they are not flexible and only provide a "one size" solution for all companies. Custom reporting will cost extra. Our tool will allow every customer to have custom reporting for less. Seventy percent of budgets for software projects are spent in the testing phase and most projects are delivered late and over budget. Our tool will save time for testing which will ad-hear to a better time table as well as keep within the budget. The tool will also allow for better code generation which will help with internet security.

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